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Our lawn care program is focused on weed control and great-looking grass.

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Sam’s Lawn Care Program

Our fertilization and weed control program is designed to keep your grass as healthy as it can be all year round, while also keeping it weed free.  We have been adjusting our program over the years and feel like it is the best available.  When you are ready to take your lawn to the next level, give us a call.

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Lawn Treatment Service

Our fertilization and weed control service includes fertilizer appropriate for the time of the year and the right products to eliminate any unwanted weeds that may be present in your lawn.

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Applications performed every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season.

Treatments start in January or February and end in November or December depending on the climate that season.

  • Winter/Early Spring:  Pre-emergent is applied to prevent and control annual summer weeds such as crabgrass. We also apply post-emergent weed control to control any weeds that may be present in the lawn.
  • Late winter/Early Spring: Also includes pre- and post-emergent weed killers along with fertilizer to help break the turf from dormancy.
  • Spring: Slow release fertilizer and weed elimination products as needed for broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Early Summer:  Slow release fertilizer and spot control of any weeds present in the lawn.
  • Summer: Light fertilizer to not burn the turf while stressed out by the summer heat and any weeds present in the lawn are spot sprayed.
  • Late Summer: Slow release fertilizer is applied to help the turf recover from any summer stress.
  • Early Fall: A well-balanced fertilizer is applied to ensure the turf has all nutrients needed as we approach the winter months.  Pre- and post-emergent weed control are applied to keep the weeds under control.
  • Late fall/Early Winter: A healthy dose of fertilizer is applied for the turf to store over the winter which will help break dormancy in the spring.

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