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Aerating Bermuda Grass

Let’s answer everyone’s number 1 question about aerating Bermuda Grass. 

When to aerate Bermuda Grass?  The best time to aerate Bermuda Grass is in the springtime to early summer.  This is because aerating your lawn is most effective when the turf is growing rapidly and Bermuda Grass grows most rapidly during the spring and summer.

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Can I aerate my lawn with a sprinkler system?

Yes.  It is very important to mark your sprinkler system’s sprinkler heads before aerating your lawn.  If the aerating machine runs over a sprinkler head, there is a good chance one of the tines under the machine will hit the sprinkler head and damage it.

Marking flags or marking spray paint are great options to clearly mark where the sprinkler heads are in your lawn before aerating it.

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Is lawn repair the same as aerating?

Lawn aeration is very much a lawn repair service.

You want to have a core lawn aeration performed, not a ‘spike’ aeration.

Core aerating repairs lawns by pulling a bunch of plugs, or cores, from the soil in the lawn.  These circular holes left behind by the aerating machine allow water and nutrients to more easily travel deeper into the soil.  The root system of your Bermudagrass or Zoysia lawn can also more easily expand and dig deeper into the soil because this process also de-compacts the soil.

We highly recommend using our lawn fertilization and weed control service if you are interested in having your lawn aerated.  Proper fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the season will maximize the benefit of your lawn repair service.

Should I spread grass seed in thin and bare spots after my lawn is aerated?

Yes.  Immediately, or within a day or two, of having your lawn aerated is a perfect time to sow more grass seed to fill in thin or bare spots in your lawn.  This process of adding additional seed to an existing lawn is called overseeding.

Remember watering is a very important part of a successful grass seed service!  Learn more about watering your lawn in Georgia.

How much does lawn aeration cost?

Most homeowners do not own a core aerating machine.  They are available for rent and cost about $90 per day to rent.  Considering the time you will have in picking up and dropping off your rental, assuming you have a trailer to put the machine on, it is often a better idea to hire a lawn service like Sam’s Personal Landscaping to perform your lawn aeration service.

We perform lawn aeration services starting at $125 and the price goes up according to the size of the lawn.

Overseeding is always an option you can add on to your service with us but it is not required.  Aerating by itself without the addition of new grass seed is very beneficial for your lawn by itself.  If your lawn does not have thin or bare spots, there is no need to seed but you should still have your lawn aerated each spring/early summer if you desire a beautiful, healthy lawn in Fayetteville or Peachtree City, GA.