Junk Removal Pricing

Junk Removal Pricing

The question everyone wants to know is, ‘How much is junk removal?

We are happy to share our pricing for junk removal so you have a good idea of the cost before contacting us.

We are Fayetteville, Georgia’s local junk removal service with pricing right in line with 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Junk King, and College Hunks Hauling Junk.

Junk Hauling Price By Trailer Space

Ultimately, the price of our junk removal service will depend greatly on the amount of space the junk will take up in our trailer.

Some items have disposal fees which are noted below.  Disposal fees are charged along with our volume pricing for items to which it applies.

Trailer Cubic yards Price
Min. up to 0.5 $90
1/8 0.5 $120
1/4 1 $200
1/3 1.5 $275
1/2 2 $350
2/3 2.5 $400
3/4 3 $450
Full 3.5 $500
Appliance Removal

Appliance Disposal Cost

Large, heavy items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves/ovens have an average removal cost of $75 for the first item.

If you have multiple appliances to be removed during the same visit, additional appliances are $40 each.

Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste Disposal Fees

Electronic items have additional disposal fees because they need special care to be disposed of properly.

The most common electronic waste items are TV’s and computers.  Expect to pay approximately $60 per device.

Tire Removal

Tire Disposal Cost

We charge $50 to remove 4 tires.  If you have less than 4 tires, our fee is $15 per tire.

If your tires also have the rims/wheels attached, expect to pay a little more.

Hot Tub Disposal

Hot Tub Removal Cost

Our fee to remove a hot tub starts at $300.

If your hot tub is larger than average or is located in an area that will make it difficult or time-consuming to remove, the price could be twice that.

Mattress Removal

Mattress & Furniture Removal Costs

Our fee for removing large household items, without any electronics or hazardous materials, is $75 per item.

If your item is still usable, please consider setting up a free pick-up with a local charity organization.

Piano Disposal

Piano Removal Pricing

Please note this is not a price for ‘moving a piano,’ it is our price for removing a piano from your home.

Smaller pianos start at $200 to remove while grand pianos start at $400.

Construction Site Cleanup

Building Material Removal Cost

If you have leftover or scrap materials including wood, siding, flooring, shingles, and similar items after completing a project, we will haul them away for you.

Typically our building material removal cost follows our pricing per trailer space.

Yard Cleaning Service Near Me

Yard Waste Removal Quotes

Last, but certainly not least, we will remove your yard waste too!  We are Sam’s Personal Landscaping after all!

Quotes for removing lawn and landscape debris are provided free of charge upon request.  We will need to swing by your property to prepare your quote.