Hire Sam’s Personal Landscaping this season and put your lawn’s maintenance on cruise control!

Sam and his friendly team of lawn care professionals off ‘Mow & Grow’ services which include mowing your lawn as needed and applying fertilizer and weed control products to keep it healthy and weed-free at all times.

Lawn Maintenance Packages

For homeowners who love their lawn but don’t want to spend their nights and weekends working in it, we have good news!  Sam’s Personal Landscaping is more than happy to handle your lawn maintenance needs including regular lawn mowing and lawn treatment applications.

Lawn mowing and lawn treatment programs are available as individual services, you don’t have to have us do both.  The benefit of having the same lawn care company mow your lawn and care for your lawn is that they are on your lawn a lot more often than if solely providing fertilization and weed control services.

Insects and turf disease can quickly damage a lawn.  Often, serious damage to your lawn can be avoided if the symptoms are caught early enough.

As-Needed Lawn Mowing

We mow a lot of grass in Fayetteville and nearby, and we’d love to add your lawn to our route!

During the majority of the growing season, lawns in Fayetteville need to be mowed weekly or they become unmanageable.  We also know over the winter months the turf’s growth slows down a lot and a weekly lawn mowing service is no longer needed.  When you hire Sam’s Personal Landscaping to mow your lawn we handle all of the seasonal adjustments for you.

Lawn Care Programs

We’re happy to cut any lawn but we much prefer to cut thick green, weed-free lawns!

If you add up the costs of buying fertilizer, herbicide products, and the equipment to apply them to your lawn, you will quickly realize you are looking at a several hundred dollar investment to get started caring for your own lawn.  Not to mention knowing which fertilizer or weed control product to you, when to apply each, and the correct rate of application!  There really is a lot that goes into caring for a lawn properly.

Take all of the guesswork out of lawn care by hiring Sam’s Personal Landscaping.  Request your free estimate online today.

Optional Related Add-On Services

If you are looking for more out of your lawn care service, we have you covered!

Additional services available:

  • Mulch or pine straw installation
  • Shrub pruning/bush trimming
  • Mosquito control
  • Seasonal lawn & landscape cleanups including leaf removal