At Sam’s Personal Landscaping in Fayetteville, GA, you have options when it comes to your lawn maintenance needs.

Sam’s local lawn services serve Fayetteville and Peachtree City with lawn and landscape services performed at a fair price.  You can choose from a basic lawn mowing plan (Basic Service) to keep your lawn maintained or a more all-inclusive lawn and landscape maintenance program (Full Service) that includes lawn mowing, weeding, bush trimming, and seasonal cleanups of leaves and other yard waste.

Add-on services include Sam’s weed control program which includes grass fertilizer.


Individual Services Basic Service Full Service
Lawn Mowing
Shrub Trimming
Leaf Removal
Weed Control (Flower Beds)
Weed Control (Lawns)

⭕ Optional – These services can be added to your basic or full-service plan.

Free quotes are provided upon request for the basic service and full-service plan at any time.  Quotes for add-on services can be requested at any time too.

Add-on services are also available even if you don’t need our basic service or full-service plan.

Sam's Personal Landscaping mowing a lawn in Fayetteville, GA.

Basic Service – Lawn Maintenance Package

Sam knows plenty of homeowners only want a lawn mowing service and don’t want any additional lawn or landscape maintenance services.

Sam’s basic service plan is for you!  The basic service plan includes mowing your grass throughout the season on an as-needed basis including mowing and trimming areas that the mower can’t get, edging with a metal blade to define concrete edges with sidewalks, driveways and patios, and blowing the grass clippings off the pavement including your front door, back door, and patio.

Learn more about Sam’s Personal Landscaping’s lawn mowing service.

Sam's Personal Landscaping's landscape maintenance service pruning shrubs.

Full Service – Landscape Maintenance Package

Sam also caters to homeowners that want a more complete lawn and landscape maintenance package for worry-free lawn and landscape maintenance all year round.

Sam’s full-service plan has you covered!  Along with including a professional and reliable lawn mowing service, the full-service plan includes spraying landscape beds for weeds each mowing visit, trimming and shaping shrubs, and leaf and debris removal in the spring and fall.

The full-service plan will keep your entire lawn and landscape looking cared for and maintained all year round!

The full-service landscape maintenance package is also available to local businesses in Fayetteville and Peachtree City.

Learn more about Sam’s Personal Landscaping’s shrub trimming service and seasonal landscape cleanups including leaf removal.

Lawn Care Fayetteville GA

Add-On Lawn Lawn Maintenance Services

If you are looking for even more out of your lawn maintenance service provider Sam’s Personal Landscaping is licensed to fertilize lawns and spray weeds in lawns.

If you love your lawn as much as Sam loves his lawn, this optional add-on services will beautify your lawn!

Learn more about our lawn fertilizer and weed control program.