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Proper fertilization creates green, thick lawns, and coupled with safe and effective weed control, the weeds will disappear before your eyes.

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As verified by Sam’s Personal Landscaping’s stellar Google Reviews, Sam’s Personal Landscaping offers the best lawn care in Georgia.  Sam has been perfecting his lawn applications for the past decade-plus and has it down to a science!  Results are guaranteed!

From early spring through late fall, the lawn treatment program offered by Sam’s Personal Landscaping in Fayetteville, GA, and nearby contains all of the nutrients your grass plants need to thrive.  By hiring a lawn care professional like Sam to be in charge of your turf’s health, you can rest assured the right nutrients are being applied in the correct amounts at the perfect time in the growing season.  By supplying your lawn with exactly what it needs when it needs it, the turf has no choice but to respond positively!

Watch Your Weeds Disappear

Fertilizing turf is only half of the battle!

Weeds are a problem in most lawns, but not in Sam’s clients’ lawns.  Some weeds are harder to control than others and different types of weeds require specific types of herbicides to be effective at controlling them.  Weeds in lawns can be categorized as broadleaf weeds, grassy weeds, and sedges.  Sam knows how to safely and effectively control all weeds found in lawns in Georgia.

You will notice fewer weeds within 7-10 days of your 1st application!  The harder to control weeds often take repeat applications to gain full control but we are well aware of this and have a proven weed control regiment to get our clients results.

Sam Jenkins Fayetteville Landscaper

Professional Lawn Care At Its Finest

Most lawn care companies in the Fayetteville area want to run the lawn care program on your lawn as they do every other lawn they treat.  Sam treats each lawn individually.  Your lawn will get exactly what it needs, not what happens to be what ‘most’ lawns need.

Along with a top-notch fertilization and weed control program, Sam’s Personal Landscaping likes to take it 1 step further!

We provide educational material on related topics such as how to water your lawn.  Aerating is also offered as a beneficial lawn care service to complement the fertilizer and weed control applications.  Sam’s lawn care techs are always on the lookout for initial signs of fungus and/or disease too.  If anything out of the ordinary is going on with your lawn we will bring it to your attention quickly so potential damage can be eliminated or greatly reduced.

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